The Goldmorr Mould Remediation System

Now with exclusive access to AC, HVAC, Refrigeration, and Solar Panel cleaning and coating products.
  • ​Inspect - Our team will develop and submit a scope of remediation to safely restore the indoor environment through identifying the cause.

  • Correct - The most critical concept in dealing with a mould event is to eliminate the source and correct the resulting issue by removing the fungal growth and reducing to a normal level the indoor air quality,

  • Protect - Our technicians will formulate a plan for the prevention of the conditions that contributed to the cause in the first place.

The Goldmorr System is proven in eliminating particulates, or contaminants, both on surfaces and in the air.  These contaminants can include, but are limited to, mould (mold) growth and airborne spores, pollens, dust, fine building debris, biological contaminants, and many more.


The use of innovative technology means that our Goldmorr Technicians do not usually have to remove furnishings, you do not usually have to relocate during the process, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your technician has eliminated as many particles as possible.  Most of our technicians can now prove this to you through use of their particle counters and providing you with an IAQ Analytics report.


Through their identification of the cause of your issue, they will be able to provide you with some valuable information about keeping your issues at bay, effectively empowering you to control your environment and maintain a healthy home or built environment. Goldmorr AC is the extension of our Goldmorr Services and incorporates the additional training of our already experienced Goldmorr Technicians.


Whilst The Goldmorr System is largely focused on fungal and particulate issues and identifying their causes, Goldmorr AC takes this further into a more detailed area of Indoor Air Quality.

We spend around 90% of our time indoors.

Most of us have artificial heating and cooling and our buildings are air tight.

We may have security concerns, limited time at home during daylight hours and certainly busier lives than ever before.  We don’t readily open our doors and windows to introduce fresh air to cross ventilate our built environments. Is all of this leading to a decrease in the quality of the air that we are breathing?

The answer is YES!

Solar Coating

Our solar coating ensures the optimal function of your solar panels by preventing build up the inhibits functionality.  It is anti-static meaning that dust does not stick to it.  It is self cleaning, meaning that rain will clean it, or that your customers can safely simply hose the the panels from ground level.

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