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GM6000 Additive is for use with sodium hypochlorite.  When blended, it is a heavy duty stain and contaminant remover.  It is for use on hard, colorfast surfaces only.  It can also be used on timber and concrete for stain removal.

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Solar Coating is a Goldmorr by 21st Global product.  It is used for the coating of Solar Panels following cleaning with AC Cleaner.  It is a self-levelling product for the protection of solar panels to ensure easy cleaning from ground level to maintain cleanliness in conjunction with a maintenance program. Now available as ACRS Coating.

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AC Coating is a Goldmorr by 21st Global product.  It is an antistatic, self-cleaning coating.  It is suitable for use on AC, HVAC, and Refrigeration equipment.  This product is used after cleaning with AC Cleaner and maintains cleanliness of equipment as part of a maintenance program.

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Goldmorr Training

If you have not already put through an enquiry, please click below to express your interest in becoming a Goldmorr Master Technician.

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GM2000 is a cleaning solution that can be used for all surfaces.  It may also be fogged, or misted, to remove particulate matter including spores, pollens, dust etc from the air. It is biodegradable and has been tested for skin irritation.

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AC Cleaner is a Goldmorr by 21st Global product.  It is a completely organic product and is suitable for the cleaning of AC, HVAC, Refrigeration and Solar Panel equipment.  It is a non-corrosive product and is safe to use on all surfaces including metals.

Global 5000 by 21st Global is an all purpose, organic, cleaning product and safe to use on all surfaces. It is suitable for uses such as a pre-spray in carpet cleaning, window and tile cleaning, bench top cleaning etc.

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Goldmorr AC Training

If you are a current Goldmorr Technician, we are now offering our AC cleaning and coating products along with online training. Please express your interest by clicking the enquiry link below.

Arriving Soon

2019 will see the release of our long awaited Eclipse film.  This film has been specifically developed for use in the residential and commercial drying field.  It reduces drying times in conjunction with conventional mechanical drying meaning that drydowns will be more efficient using waste heat.   

Please note that 21st Global Pty Ltd terms and conditions ensure that only trained persons can purchase most of our products.

Specialty Products


21st Global Pty Ltd has its own Industrial Chemist on staff.   Specialty products may be available following consultation services.


For over 25 years, our team has been consulting with Governments, Universities, Healthcare Facilities, Childcare Centres, Hotel Chains, and Hospitality Companies, just to name a few.  We have tailored solutions for such issues as SARS, Foot and Mouth Disease, Formaldehyde contamination, C. Diff, and many other contamination issues.  We have been engaged to consult in many large cities as well as some more remote locations that span several continents.


Within the field of specialized decontamination, there is no one size fits all solution to every problem. As specialists in this field, we understand the sensitivity of such issues and the requirement for confidentiality.


We are results driven and have a holistic approach when undertaking any specialty consultation work. We have the expertise to solve most problems in a timely fashion.  We may also recommend a maintenance program for prevention that would be tailored suit you, if applicable.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any confidential enquiries of this nature.  



Ready to learn more?


21st Global Pty Ltd and has bought together a group of highly skilled individuals from two continents to pool their expertise and deliver effective solutions for Indoor Air Quality and specialized decontamination issues on a global scale. 

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