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(Indoor Air Quality)

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IAQ Analytics was born from the need to provide information on some contamination issues that had no standards attached to them.  No upper limits, no lower limits, no limits at all.


21st Global Pty Ltd committed, and continue to commit, Research and Development funds to study how this can be done and to subsequently develop a tool that would be useful to provide peace of mind, confirmation of the success of a remediation job, and at a price point that would ensure its routine use.  We have achieved this for particulate counts as well as ATP surface swabs.


It is important to mention that IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is not only important within a room that may have a fungal issue, but equally as important within your whole home or building.  We encourage testing of every room to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that your entire built environment is not affected by an issue that you may be having in one area, but could be contaminating all areas through natural air flow as well as artificial air flow.  


IAQ Analytics is now the leading provider of online reports to remediation and property professionals who use modern metering equipment to rapidly test indoor air for the presence of airborne particles, and the relative levels of these.  Through the use of our Web App, this data is processed and referenced to a cross-section of International Standards and Guidelines. Results of the samples collected onsite are analysed and reviewed by a scientist and a report generated almost instantly.


Ongoing research and development has seen the addition of ATP sample reporting to the Web App.  In 2019, we are continuing our research into many other measureable airborne contaminants.


Announcements will be made on this website as any new testing is completed and additions to the website become live.


Use of IAQ Analytics is subject to approval criteria.  

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21st Global Pty Ltd and has bought together a group of highly skilled individuals from two continents to pool their expertise and deliver effective solutions for Indoor Air Quality and specialized decontamination issues on a global scale. 

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