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Test Results

MSL Analytical, USA - Aspergillus niger & Stachybotrys chartarum  

Extract -"In conclusion, the test product, GM 2000, provided by 21st Global Pty, LTD was able to effectively disinfect (kill) both A. niger and S. chartarum after 24 h exposure at room temperature. Specifically, GM 2000 was able to reduce A. niger by >99.99998% and S. chartarum by >99.99996% after exposure for 24 h"


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Homeland Security - Emergency First Responders Guide 103-06 March 07

Extract - "Decon-Shield comes in concentrate used as hyper-wetting hog or spray, destroys all BW organisms including weapons grade anthrax, and all other single celled organisms such as Golden Staph, Klebsiella, fungi, and viruses, etc., via a minuet positive charge

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.09.59

Northeast Laboratories Inc, USA - Analysis of GSC2000 on C.Diff 

Extract -"Test for effectiveness of GSC2000 on Clostridium difficult (C.Diff) spores. The Test results showed that there was 99.999% reduction in count of number of organisms within thirty (30) seconds."


ICP Firefly Pty Ltd, Australia - Dermal Tox Test 

Extract - "The test item, Decon Shield, was classified as non-irritant to skin accruing to the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission (NOHSC) Approved Criteria for Classifying Hazardous Substances [NOHSC: 1088 (1999)] under the conditions of this study

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.20.56

NSW Police Forensic Counter Terrorism & DVI Unit - Botulinum Toxin A   

Extract -"This experiment tested the effectiveness of this solution in inactivating Botulinum toxin A by applying the solution to 10ul of active toxin. The inactivation of the toxin was tested at the end of select contact times. Results indicated that Decon Shield was successful in inactivating Botulinum toxin A after one minute contact time


U.S Army Dugway Proving Ground - Bacillus Anthracis

Extract - "GSC 2000 effectively killed wet or dried anthracis simulant Bacillus subtilis (BG), when exposed for minutes with an impressive 7 to 8-log reduction. It appears that Bacillus anthracis is more vulnerable to GSC2000 than BG spore preparation *Please note: GSC-2000 is not the same formulation to GM2000 


Cetec Pty Ltd, Australia - Biodegradability

Extract -"A maximum degradation achieved on average was 95% during the test period. Generally a substance with greater than 70% decomposition within 28 days is classified as having excellent biodegradability. Decon Shield has rapid and excellent biodegradability

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.19.28

Sirim Testing Service, Malaysia - Microbiological Evaluation

Extract - "Tests performed on our fabric-coating product, which can be used on many surfaces showed a minimum of 99.99% on tests performed on the below micro-organisms: Pseudomonas aeruginosa - 99.99% Escherichia Coli  - >99.999% Staphylococcus aureus - >99.999%

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.19.04

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