Certified Indoor Air 

Randy Gandara (Owner) 

"Thought I'd share some more before/after photo's of another successful job that we just completed yesterday"

"This system blows away the competition and streamline's our operation"

Renew Cleaning & Restoration

Tanya Thompson (Administration) 

"Firstly, I would like to congratulate you the fantastic courses you run"

"With this extra knowledge base I can more easily identify the problems when talking to clients" 

A Better Restoration, Inc  

Andrew Rafferty (President) 

"It seemed that the Goldmorr system claims were too good to be true"   "even though the results you claim are unbelievable, you converted a true skeptic here"

"The job was twice as profitable as normal"  

Forensic Industrial Hygienist  

Jon Dacken (Minnesota)

"Does the Goldmorr process work? Absolutely! In fact the results still amaze me." 

"Not only are my clients delighted with the results, but I also have a very competitive advantage over other mold abatement contractors still using the old methods" 

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21st Global Pty Ltd and has bought together a group of highly skilled individuals from two continents to pool their expertise and deliver effective solutions for Indoor Air Quality and specialized decontamination issues on a global scale. 



21st Global Pty Ltd
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Email:  admin@21stglobal.com 

Address: P.O Box 432,
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